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Webcomic PHP script and update

Sat Feb 18, 2006, 1:02 AM

- Daily Deviation Suggestion Box -

February fire & ice! ::</u> I will be looking around for possible DD's that include the four elements! I'm looking for well colored fire, realistic rain, detailed ice and even broken wood.

Current Project - "The Sunset Journeymen"

:iconallanotero: :icongatekeeper501:
Pencils :: Allan Otero (Left)
Writer/Owner :: -Asher (Right)

Sunset Journeymen Samples</u>
(Issue one is coming soon!)

Right now its slow and coming due to the holiday rushing and then some email problems. But we are right back on scedual.

Why should I help you? Oh..
My entrances where never the best. But I had no idea what this girl was talking about.
"So you want me to help you escape the city?" I asked, but she clarified it that escaping the city isn't the only thing. "Yes.." She said with a pause, as though looking for a reason why I should. "Its the least you could do for saving your life."
Ok, she had a point. "But I still don't have to do anything for you. What if I just say no?" I was quick to turn the tables on this girl - no way would she be bossing me around! Chivalry be damned!
"Well, then with me missing and you missing, they will hunt you like a dog and kill you for kidnapping while I go the other way." Was all she had to say with such a common, soft tone while she gently plucked the straw from my hair. One sentence and my options go poof - with such a loving tone did this robber of freedom have.
I should have played the chivalry card.. kept my dignity.

Sample :: Leap of Faith
'No Azorian will ever be held captive, no soldier of Azoria will ever be bound by chains of their enemies. Be free, or die fighting for it.' Was the writings that where inscribed in Radians home, right above the door they where read so often.
The tiles never hold steady, the darkness has invited and he has accepted.
In Cyiden Radian now makes his escape, if you get lost in the streets, dance upon the buildings themselves. Injury or not, he must find his way home ... where ever Azoria may be from here.
Sample :: The City of Cyiden
From the balcony he stood over looking the city of Cyiden, the city of myth. It was as large as he heard, further then he could see the buildings spanned, even from the tower he stood he couldn't see the end of buildings.
"Its a forest of homes..."
The cold night are whipped about him, the moon greeted him, the darkness invited him.
"How will I ever find my way out?"
Easy come.. easy go..
Daa'kar that old crone, the moment he heard of a stranger found outside the city of Cyiden, he had to see. When he got there, the only thing that he could think of once he seen it was the mysterious sword the stranger carried.
Now in his lab, preparing to identify it in the middle of the night with curiousity eating at him, he didn't expect what happened next.

Some random works that have been suggested or I simply like for now. (I'm getting a list of good online comics!)
Edepth Angel 02 by mayshing The Osiris Effect - Page 01 by vert-is-ninja Pixie -2nd comicbook-cover- by auroreblackcat :thumb19482311: FDG ch2 page 7 by darthmongoose Iris - Concept Art by MichelleHoefener

The must have for new commers to the webcomic world. (CUSP) a php script that allows you to post your webcomic easily and efficiantly. Alot of big name webcomics use it such as 'AltCtlDel' and '8bit theater'.

Thank Narfmaster for this great find!

Writing Commissions - CLOSED - Too many right now.

Writing Projects - I have room for ONE more project, so if any artists need a writer and publication, contact me. I have a few more written works that I would like to turn into a comic, so if anyone wants to work with me on one - you know what to do.
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ryokogirle Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
makes me wish i had my tablet to color my picture of shiva... the ice aeon ya know ;___;

anyways~ good luck with that php script thingy~ n__n
ArbiterChrono Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2006  Professional General Artist
what about wind?

I have a bit more than basic drawing started i'll post it later...
ArbiterChrono Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2006  Professional General Artist
I'll get right on it!!!

I will do my best.....
MPsai Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2006   Digital Artist
:slow: I was too dumb for Cusp. I forget why, it probably required a MySQL Database, but I'm not sure. Maybe if I ever figure it out I'll redo my site with it :P

For now I use this for comics: [link]
Narfmaster Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
That'll be ace to see the different elements. :nod: Nice idea!
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